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The Metaverse.

Virtual worlds. New potential.

The Metaverse is the new Internet, also known as Web 3.0. An interactive and immersive online experience, where ownership and transactions are processed and stored in a decentralized manner, using smart contracts via the blockchain.


And what is a Viennese start-up doing there?

Capitalizing on the opportunity.


We buy, we develop, we grow, and we do it all virtually. The vision is Genesis City. A brand found in every big Metaverse world. Genesis City becomes a hotspot in Sandbox, Somnium Space, Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, and many other worlds. Event locations, schools, shopping centers and other attractions, all in one place, distinguish us as a developer.


Investor benefits:

  • Premium access and usage rights

  • Voting rights

  • Discounts

  • & many more benefits

With the further growth of the metaverse space and virtual real estate industry, the potential for long term financial gain.

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